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Our History 
About Us

Samuel Walker Houston was born as a free man in 1864 to Joshua Houston Sr.. a former slave of General Sam Houston. Mr. Houston graduated from Hampton Institute, now Hampton University, and also attended Howard University and Atlanta University, now Clark-Atlanta.


After recognizing that education was the key to the future for young African Americans, Mr. Houston established the first Training School for formerly enslaved people of color in 1906. For years, the Training School was the only school of its kind for African Americans in East Texas, and the first permanent classroom building opened in 1914.


This was primarily built and financed by the African American community. The Training School produced the first generation of teachers, skilled craftsmen, and entrepreneurs post enslavement and at its peak enrollment totaled 400.


The students completed 10 years of education, which qualified graduates to either enter college or return as teachers after a certification process.


Our Mission

To preserve the history and legacy of Samuel Walker Houston and support his core values and principals by educating, exhibiting, and maintaining a facility and environment that serves the community and public.

The Wall Of Faces

Learn about the rich black history of the Huntsville community

These faces represent local citizens ranging from different ages. The range illustrates the vital knowledge being passed on through each generation in our community. This piece acts as a reminder of the many testaments and strengths of our community.

Time Line

1906: The construction of Samuel Walker Houston's first training school began 

1914: The First Classroom opened 

1926: His training school consolidated with Huntsville Negro School 

1929-1930: His Training school consolidated with Huntsville School System

1955: Samuel Walker Houston High School was built

1959: New Elementary school was built at the 10th street Location 

1968: Samuel Walker Houston High School Closed

1991: The Museum and Cultural Center was established 

1999-2001: The Museum and Cultural center was closed for Construction 

2001: The Museum and Cultural Center was Reopened at 1604 10th street.

2009: National Association of Sam Houston High School was charted with a Board of Directors made up of alumni and citizens.

2009: Alumni Association acquired 23.320 acres, original site of the training school.  

2013: Received from HISD a gift deed of .754 acres including buildings which is the current Museum & Cultural center location at 1604 10th Street.

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