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"Wall of Faces"

The Dreamers


An enduring Legacy of Black History in Huntsville, TX

The city of Huntsville, Walker County, Texas was presented with a unique piece of visual art on June 17, 1995 named, "Wall of Faces - The Dreamers."  This art piece was completed by then local artists, Larry Zink and Monica Taylor.  It was funded by the Huntsville Independent School District, Huntsville Arts Commission and the Samuel Walker Houston Alumni Association.  The concrete sculpture was, and remains, located on the grounds of the Samuel Walker Houston Museum and Cultural Center.


There are three rows of faces of local citizens, ranging in age from 13 to 96, who sat for the plaster casting of the "Wall of Faces."  The top row center facial cast was constructed for deceased Professor Samuel Walker Houston, prominent African-American pioneer in the field of education for whom the museum and cultural center is named.  Several of the participants in this project are graduates of the former Sam Houston High School which had its beginning as the the Sam Houston Industrial and Training School, established by Professor Samuel Walker Houston.  

Top Row from Left to Right

All individuals in the concrete cast have their eyes closed.  The original idea for artist, Larry Zink, was that the generations were passing down wisdom from the pioneers (top row) to the middle agers (second row) to the hope of the youth (bottom row).  The Huntsville community has a rich Black History and a great story is constantly being written by its citizens who have generations of legacy here.

This study is to remind the community that this art piece is a testament to the strength and accomplishments of the Black community and generations of family that continue to thrive here.

Middle Row - Left to Right

Bottom Row - Left to Right


The Samuel Walker Museum and Cultural Center would like to thank Elaine Sharp Smith for her diligent research and publication of her Brochure of the "Wall of Faces,"   Without her efforts many of the unknown facts surrounding this structure would still be hidden in darkness.  

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